Young cancer survivors dating

Three months later, as a freshman at Princeton University, I had to figure out the most nonchalant way to tell my new friends and occasional crushes all of this, and that "oh, by the way, I also have an above knee leg amputation." I'd already made the decision to be open about my story in the media, in the campus newspaper, and through my public speaking/advocacy, but getting to know someone on a one-to-one, intimate level was different.

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Still, some survivors say they’ve gained in important ways from their cancer experience.Now before we go into any of the reasons why I personally think cancer survivors should absolutely date and keep themselves open to romance, let us first clarify what a cancer survivor is.When I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer almost 15 years ago, this April to be exact, I was told that you are not considered a survivor until you are 5 years’ cancer free.With online dating, you can even reveal your situation before arranging a meeting.Making the disclosure earlier rather than later empowers people to feel they have control, to feel they’re doing this purposefully, and not at a point when it becomes unavoidable.

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