Who is ramona from mob wives dating

Last week Renee, Carla, Karen, Ang and Drita said goodbye to Mob Wives after six dramatic, and often hilarious seasons.VH1 caught up with series creator (and Renee’s sister) Jenn Graziano about the show’s final chapter and moving on.They really spent a lot of time growing up with each other and also within the world.Karen was actually my friend, Karen Ramona, we grew up together since we were like 15 years old. We were in it from the family perspective, but then the guys we were growing up with were sorta like mobsters in training.Going into surgery, Renee was anticipating a flatter tummy and a rounder tush. There was a lot of scar tissue that was left inside. It’s very uncomfortable.”With her pain comes a warning. I would do it again, but know who you are dealing with,” Renee advises.

Housewives mopping, dusting and blogging sums us up. We've added ID's I Married A Mobster, other shows & mafia/gangster movie commentary to our blogging mix.

Made in Staten Island (air date: 2011-04-17) Welcome to Staten Island, the land of fierce women who never admit to being allegedly "connected" -- until now.

Renee, Carla and Drita are no strangers to the good life, but now, with their husbands and fathers behind bars, they realize there is a price to pay.

Jenn gave details on managing her close friendships with both Drita and Karen while being a producer on the reality show, as well, as behind-the-scenes secrets and stories about Big Ang, Love Majewski, Alicia Di Michele and more!

Can you explain how the women are actually connected in real life? Jenn Graziano: So, Carla and Renee were friends since Renee was 16 and Carla was 19.

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