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July 12, 2017 - Courtship between two giant baboon tarantulas comes with the risk of injury and death for the male.

This rare video begins with the male shaking his legs, a sign that the tarantulas are preparing to mate.

Mentor made headlines in March 2016 after saying she was offered the post of Public Enterprises Minister at the Gupta family's mansion.

Two teens are facing charges after a disturbing video showing a woman who police say was kidnapped, beaten and sexually assaulted was streamed Tuesday night on Facebook Live in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Tim Torchia of the Ocean Township police said in an online alert.

The Department of Justice said an FBI investigation into a website engaging in the exploitation of children to participate in sexual activity revealed that several people in a foreign country were engaged in molesting young children in order to broadcast live streaming "sex shows" to online viewers who paid a fee to watch.

Corinne Carey, former researcher for the US Program, undertook the original research for this report.

The report was written by Sarah Tofte with the assistance of Jamie Fellner, director of the US Program, who also edited the report. Patrick Vinck, director of the Berkeley-Tulane Initiative on Vulnerable Populations at the Human Rights Center, University of California-Berkeley, tabulated the data for Human Rights Watch's study of North Carolina's online sex offender registry.

From the "After the Final Rose" special of the 2014 season of The Bachelorette.

Host Anna Sale sits down for an intimate conversation with Golden Globe-winning actor Kevin Bacon.

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