Updating chrome

Starting in version 57, Chrome will throttle individual background tabs by limiting the timer fire rate for background tabs using excessive power.” As anyone who uses the Chrome web browser can attest to, the software can be something of a resource hog when multiple tabs are open in the background.

There is perhaps no desktop application that causes more PC fans to kick on around the world than Chrome.

website.company.com) as a subjective alternative name (SAN), which is a fancy word for alias.

This check can be suppressed on Windows systems (for a temporary basis at least), and I'll explain how to do so below.

According to Google’s metric, the new Java Script engine allows Chrome 59 to load pages 10 to 20% faster than previous versions of Chrome.Of course, Chrome still has its fair share of issues despite its popularity, and a new update released on Tuesday night addresses users’ biggest complaint.“Efficient power usage is an important aspect of speed, one of Chrome’s key pillars,” Google’s Alexander Timin wrote in a post on the company’s Chromium blog.The fetch of the worker bypasses any browser caches if the previous fetch occurred over 24 hours ago.Despite exiting out of the Google Chrome browser, there may still be several processes running in the background that may inhibit Audible Download Manager’s functionality.

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