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Just for the sake of increasing your dating success, do not date just any guy that you meet.

Lowering your standards will not guarantee a man worth holding on to.

Having A Great Date Ideas For Double Dates Benefits Of Double Dating Community Q&A Going on double dates can be a lot of fun.

Spending time with other couples can be an even better way to improve your own relationship, causing you to feel much closer with your partner.

There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who is confident and secure about who she is and what she stands for.

David De Angelo (born December 5, 1971), who's real name is Eben Pagan, is a dating advice coach, author of the popular dating ebook Double your Dating (2001) and a prominent member of the Pick Up Artist (PUA) or Seduction community.

Great advice on women’s psychology and the ideal attitudes for dating success.

De Angelo, working under his real name Eben Pagan, has also gained wide acclaim in the internet marketing space, offering business and personal development advice to marketers.

Dating can be very nerve-racking and emotionally daunting.

We give you some tips that could help you have a better chance of success and make the experience of dating a little less stressful.

Don’t pretend you know about something you hardly know anything about. However, when it comes to asking him questions about himself, do not pry and get inquisitive.

If there is a part of his life he does not want to talk about, don’t push him to give you an answer. Sure, we all have our set of problems, but complaining about your state of affairs is not only going to bore him but will make him wonder if this is how it is going to be if he asked you out on a date. Complaining would only make him think twice about dating you.

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