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But Gronkowski doesn't watch sports the way the rest of us watch sports. In sports, Gronkowski sees justice and beauty, companionship and teamwork, discipline and sacrifice.

He sees blessings earned or squandered, and he sees fundamentals learned or forgotten.

They weren’t interested in the details of my résumé. James is later taken in leg irons into a room for questioning. “They were scared to death of who you were,” she told me.

They didn’t ask about my job history, my current employment with the Foundation for National Progress, the publisher of , or why someone who writes about criminal justice in California would want to move across the country to work in a prison. The same morning, James tells the sheriff he needs to make a call. “We don’t care if you are doing an exposé on CCA,” a deputy tells him. They have given us trouble in the past.” A state trooper adds, “I don’t care if that guy works in the prison.” James assumes he is referring to me but says nothing. By evening, a ,000 bond is posted and he is released. “After they found out you were a reporter, it was like, ‘Oh my God.

Before her conversion she had had only a few men; afterward, hundreds. She had acquired an appreciation for the taste of piss, a craving to taste semen. They stabbed her flesh; she felt holes torn open as the claws sank deeper into her breasts. Or had she followed Alice down through the rabbit hole? She could hear herself breathing in a confined space. Her ankles were enclosed within another set of manacles, these with a short hobble chain. There was a pause, more mechanical sounds and a door was flung wide. The new arrival could tell that is exactly what it was. The majestic blonde reached under her and spread her cheeks to provide a better view. About half of our acquisitions come through an auction. Your mistress was intrigued by your beauty and past activities. They left the spreader bar on and carried her over to a padded whipping bench and re-fastened her wrists to the floor on the other side. Tanner, she turned to face the stable manager, I want you to get on the phone and round up as many swinging dicks as are available. The linens were dropped off and she was delivered for a shower and breakfast. A blast of liquid filled Tuesday's mouth, choking her. Tuesday was allowed to crawl out from under the big horse and step to the side. When she had mentioned this fact to Helena at her start on Brickbuster, the diminished women just said: Practice. A number of cabinets lined the walls; similar restraints as in the larger room adorned the ceilings and floors. She picked up the forceps again and lifted the skin of her clitoral hood, examining the installation of the stars. Avoiding becoming what Helena was could be used as an impetus and reward. She felt like she was having the mammogram from hell. He had placed a small bowl under her ass to catch the drool. Since she had come fresh from the shower she was clean; at least as clean as she could be after leaking at least a cup of juice into the bowl. He pulled her labia apart and looked at her as she watched him. He leaned in and licked her clit twice before capturing it with his lips, pulling and flicking it with his tongue. Her eyes were glazed; perspiration covered her face and chest. He tipped the bowl and poured the thick, slimy liquid into her mouth. She moved the table around to the upper end of the chair and drew up the stool that the Toymaker had enjoyed. With that the Lady Beth took a collar, locked it around Tuesday's neck and locked it to a thin stainless steel cable hanging from the ceiling. Instantly the labia began to resemble a purple balloon. He reached out and pulled the now dry pussy open, spreading the swollen lips to provide access to the soft flesh inside. He slipped it down and gave a full roundhouse swing, landing on the tender bud but not stopping there, but following through so that the full surface of the rod not only compressed the clit into her Mons, but wiped through it, pulling the bud back out. Before she could speak the last two strokes fell in the exact same spot. After he was finished with Sheila, Joe walked over to where Tuesday was hanging. It was a variation of several designs available commercially but the finished design was a creation of the Toymaker. It slid down to her anus where it pooled slightly before dripping to the floor. She grimaced as a large handful of the slippery stuff was applied to her crotch. His massive fingers spread the puffy purple sausages that had been her labia apart and spread the opening, pushing the thick goo inside. When he did the same to her asshole the tears began anew. It wasn't just the pain of his fingers, but the anticipation of what was to come would be much worse. Much to her surprise he didn't attempt to strangle her with it, but rather let her lick and nibble. She had experienced this many times; never had either one been able to breach her throat.

A woman known as Sarah sat on a simple wooden chair looking at the box. Suddenly it wasn't her ass that was filled, it was her mouth. Seeing through closed eyelids she saw the rounded mounds of two mountains, staring through a narrow pass. She slammed her eyes shut, tears trickling down her cheeks. s lubricant began to flow again, spreading over the smooth skin. These are generally private transactions; the intent is to provide a more thorough training practice and then when they are proven to be successfully trained, to place them in other settings at a profit. John stepped in front of her and pulled the blindfold and wiped her face with a warm, wet towel. Tuesday was seated in a gynecological chair, strapped down, legs spread uncomfortably wide. Flies were swarming around, attracted to the mess coating the beautiful woman. She used a spray bottle of alcohol to spray out the area around the clit. Tuesday hissed as the antiseptic burned the small sores left behind by the stars. Not from the idea of returning to the stables; but doing it as an amputee. When Tuesday stopped the Lady put two fingers into the slave's cunt. She had been first encouraged, actually shoved, into the new lifestyle; she had cuckolded a husband and even contaminated her parents, all due to a libido that once awakened had become ravenous.t for her enjoyment, but for others. I will not be directly participating in your training..I will be enjoying the fruits of those labors. The Toymaker pulled a rolling stool up between her legs and put a large briefcase on a short table within easy reach. It's more fun this way than banging your knee with a rubber mallet. She watched him as he continued to stretch and prod. She pressed her head back against the headrest and clenched her eyes shut. She produced a small ruler and laid it across the nipple, measuring the width of the areola. The Lady Beth turned to her slave assistant: You know the regimen? If it persists, use the styptic powder until it quits. A remote control allowed enough slack to reel out so that Tuesday had enough to move around. She replaced the handset and walked back over and began to unfasten the straps holding Tuesday to the chair. He put a massive finger under her chin and said quietly: Look. Sheila owed us, so we were a little bit rougher than we'll be on you. Her head was lowered so that it was at the same height as her cunt and ass. The Lady Beth retrieved the spray bottle of alcohol and stepped over to the swing. The Lady Beth peeled each labia back and sprayed the purplish swollen flesh. The Lady then found some extra large condoms in a drawer. I don't need any incidental infections from fucking that cunt you turned into hamburger. He opened a packet and began to unroll a condom onto his cock. I just don't want you doing any more damage than you already have. It resembled a light pink bologna with a reservoir tip. She felt the blunt head of Master Joe's cock bumping against her cunt.

Gun metal gray; long handles ran the length of each side. The shaft sank into her throat, cutting off any chance of a breath, the knot swelling behind her teeth, locking the cock completely inside her mouth. When she was able she again opened her eyes, she was being carried down a hall way; it opened into a large chamber. - knelt before a throne placed in the center of the room. Her mistress watched the signs of her arousal, the cunt swelling; the clit growing out from its hiding spot. The body was pulled out onto the flat cart and she was wheeled away, her cheeks bulging. She motioned among the slaves, another slipped down to press her mouth against the shaved pussy, she fastened her mouth as would a leech, sucking and licking. We have misjudged the individuals in a few instances. John had already lost his shorts and stuck his cock back into her face; this time allowing her to actually lick and suck on his cock. Lady Beth stood between her legs, a slight smile on her lips. Lady Beth pulled the rod out and selected another, with a slightly larger diameter. Lady Beth looked up at her and caught Tuesday's eyes, Tuesday quickly looked away and bit her upper lip. Lady Beth indicated several bowling pins standing by a cart. We're going to get you in shape so that Joe and John will enjoy your charms even more. Just as her first mentor had conditioned her by restricting her orgasms, her new owners wished to continue her torment by controlling the availability of her release. He sat down and began examining Tuesday, starting with her feet and toes, working carefully all the way to her pussy. He picked up a set of digital calipers and a forceps. Each time he noted how much pressure she was able to exert on the device and how long the pressure lasted until it waned. The probe widened along its length, opening the cervix as he pushed. Next, he measured her anus for stretch, gazing into the opening as if searching for a precious jewel, turning the adjusting screw on the speculum until the opening gaped obscenely. She then wiped the area with another alcohol pad and carefully made a spot on either edge of the areola, marking the position for a horizontal piercing. It's a rare talent; one that many people like to watch. While you're waiting for it to quit she can suck on your cunt. The girl retrieved the timer and pressure plates and gathered the bowling pins. She turned to Sheila and said: Your turn, pointing at the chair. When she looked into his eyes he said You've got fifteen coming. John adjusted the height with a remote control, putting the head of his cock against her cunt and touching the remote buttons until she was just right. It was a struggle to get them on, it was expected that they would shred several before they were finished. The Lady held out a large jar of Albolene for lubrication. He spread her labia apart and pushed directly against her opening.

Now that it might actually happen, it feels scary and a bit extreme. ” Bacle recounted this to me on the phone 10 months later. “I don’t know if you remember, but I told you once that it would be nice to have an investigative reporter out there.” Word about me got out quick.

Within two weeks of filling out its online application, using my real name and personal information, several CCA prisons contacted me, some multiple times. One was Miss Lawson, who’d been the assistant chief of security.

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