Hiv positive dating stories

Tom*: Technically, I contracted HIV in December of last year (2015).I tested positive for it around the end of January, and I had three different tests because I didn't think it was correct.I was still on edge, however, viciously browsing the internet for the number of a free clinic. Of course, my intentions weren't to treat him like some wild animal. I wasn't well-informed on the subject, and I didn't want to come off like a complete idiot. As it turns out, while HIV diagnoses continues to drop, with an increase in testing and prevention efforts, more than 1.2 million people continue to live with it in the US.Even scarier, one in eight aren't aware they're infected. Luckily, he had never been able to share his story before.Slowly friends and others from the village came up to me to give me a hug, buy me a drink and offer their support.I was tested positive for HIV two days later at Salisbury Hospital.He led me to the bedroom, my hand firmly grasped in his. We kissed and a lingering note of tobacco — normally a turnoff — tasted earthy and rich on his tongue.

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He said the symptoms were similar to malaria, but I hadn't been abroad, so he suggested I have an HIV test to rule that out.

'I grew up in a small Wiltshire village called West Tytherley and it was hard to keep any secrets – so in September 1997, two months after I was diagnosed HIV-positive, I decided to stop all the gossiping and make an announcement.

The silence afterwards was deafening, so I walked to the bar and ordered a JD and coke.

I needed to leave, to be far from the name-calling, far from that look of disappointment, far from everything that had just happened. I regret neither of us made different choices that morning. So I left Paolo’s house, slinking out into the bright, mocking glare of daylight, feeling shame — not shame for being positive, but because I hadn’t been up-front, owned my status, and behaved true to myself all along.

Or, more accurately, that hadn’t happened but should have. All of that in a half-second eternity before I replied, “No, I’m positive.”Paolo jolted upright.

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