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- Top Manga & Comic Artists – Our manga and comics room will feature some of the UK’s best artists in attendance where you can buy their artwork from.

- Art & Comic Portfolio Session – Hosted by comic and manga publisher and event sponsor Crownroot Publications who will not only give advice, but will pick the best artists to be recognised and published in their upcoming comic to be released this September!

At Copenhagen Games, we have always prided ourselves with having a world leading Ladies CS: GO Tournament.

Every year we see the best teams in the world travel overwhelming distances to compete in Øksnehallen come Easter.

The official NCAA Tournament selection show will get an expansion.

This year’s show which has aired on CBS dating back to 1982 first as a half-hour program hosted by Brent Musburger, now will air for two hours starting at p.m. Not only does this mark the first year of a two-hour Selection Show, it also marks the first year that TBS will air both the Final Four and the National Championship Game which means the entire championship weekend will be totally on cable.

Cheaters can't hide from our intelligent monitoring software either.

Taking a break from tournament chess is bad for your form. English GM and commentator Daniel King expands your knowledge in his interactive and extremely entertaining “Powerplay” show.

Once the curtain closes on our Grand Final on Saturday night, once the roar of the crowd slowly subsides, that’s when the real party starts: that’s when we open up the mythic Copenhagen Games Afterparty!

Taking place at the Sugden Sports Centre (M1 7HL) & the Pub Zoo next door from am each day!

Just £9 per day or £16 for both days if you book NOW online.

This year we have a team of Twitch steamers like last year.

We have tried to keep a good variety of unique styles so all have a chance to meet their Danish twitch idol or just be part of the Danish twitch community.

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