Common sense christian dating

Most Christian singles dating advice experts suggest that the primary purpose of a dating relationship is to determine whether or not the relationship is a match that willl lead toward marriage.

The problem is that many singles stay in potentially harmful dating relationships they should have ended long ago.

Unfortunately, when you love someone, and there are “gaps” in understanding, it can be painful and well as destructive.

When it comes right down to it, if you are planning to be in a romantic relationship, you will always need to give some thought to starting and raising a family.

Since it deals with God’s guidance as it pertains to finding a mate, I’m going to apply it that way.

If you’re already married, please don’t decide that you made a mistake in discerning God’s will in your marriage and decide to try again!

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A flight attendant spent a week’s vacation in the Rockies.

She was captivated by the mountain peaks, the clear blue skies, and the sweet smelling pines. But it had all happened so quickly that the woman decided to return home and to her job, feeling that she would somehow be guided.

On the other hand, if you want to spend your life with someone else, having some things naturally in common will always be of benefit.

For example, when it comes to , you will both automatically understand certain things, as well as share outlooks that can make the relationship much easier.

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