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In her three-year tenure with LSU her teams amassed an astonishing 90-14 record, including 47-3 after her first 50 games, the second-best record after 50 games for a head coach in women’s basketball history.She was the Black Coaches Association coach of the year in both 20.Folks around the Bayou knew Pokey Chatman as the smiling saleswoman, the stable point guard, the face of LSU women's basketball.Look closer, and the word "Lifer" might have been stamped on her forehead. She hasn't been heard from, at least publicly, since March 8, leaving unanswered nearly all the questions surrounding her departure from LSU.The phone rings at Chatman's house in Baton Rouge, and her mother, Carolyn Fiffie, answers.

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I can still do all of that and coach basketball at the highest level with the No. The pieces all fit.”Chatman recently spoke about her abrupt departure from LSU for the first time since she left.Fans of Penn State football were recently surprised when the disturbing case of child sex abuse was brought to light through media outlets across the country.Former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was indicted on accounts of sex crimes against children, causing a downward spiral involving various members of the Penn State staff who are now under heat with allegations of failing to properly report the crimes.Among these men is the school’s long-time hero, successful football coach Joe “Joe Pa” Paterno.Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed coaches from well-known colleges and universities who were also faced with trials or early resignation as a result of similar controversies.

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